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The ah, the oh song.o

The ah, the oh

is an ex, an im,

an impression, an expression..

The moment the express appears,

the impress takes off.

The arrival of the impress

is the moment for the express

to go on its way.

Thief and police, sun and moon,

at equal distance

in pursuit of one another.

The ex, spreading, showing,

giving, exposing the light.

Exclaiming ah

all that from ex emanates..

As it acts

so is its image

so is the impression it makes.

The im,

absorbing, inducing,

tempting, attracting,

collecting light


but also exclaiming oh,

all that is in and im .....

as it acts so is its image

so it expresses itself.

The ex, the im

both must be

in my moving scene.

How else can I myself express, impress,

cast my eye upon

or be impressed by it?

The ex who acts and active is

The im who passive is

One interacting with the other, the other with the one

Images of the senses

Constantly merging into each other

but they never can be seen

neither ex nor im

without bearer or body

without grip or anchor

without heh or hoh

to keep them apart

to create a robe

where from to leave,

where to with invisible strands,

long or short,

they are connected

and where to sooner or later

after myriad adventures

they will return.

Ah, oh!

heh, hoh!