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Only after

I found happiness on the road

by weirdly talking to myself

standing at an intersection

and witnessed:

light bringing form and function

to where it had not been before.

I looked up

and saw what I just observed

was lifted up and with me

vanished in a cloud.

Each time

that cloud is lit up

by some planet

sun, moon or substitutes

the shapes are once again projected.

Signs, which not as in the past

separately go to work

independently function

in general

totally alone

in an abstract place

in a foreign country

in imaginary time,

way back or way ahead,

but which now, at a given time

- for a shorter or longer period-

on this or that place,

lower or higher, forward or backward

more to the left or right,

- in stations made by them-

relate to one another,

are subjected to each other,

pushing and pulling

tugging and prompting

until their tasks are done
and they're off on vacation.

If you recognize me among these signs

greet me and tell the world:

Heleen Waterbolk, Heleen Waterbolk

Is back!