The heh, the hoh songo

Tune-in image, sign-off image.

While disconnecting,

It indicates what follows.

While connecting,

It also disconnects and ends.

A shape not randomly there, no, no

it must be created,

skipping and weaving in between.

ImageÕs medium, imageÕs passage

darting away,

it rushes forward

or emits through,

from left to right

from right to left.

Never existing in and of its own

purposely lacking expression

never to be impressed

but rigid and incorruptible to be.

Its task is to be in front

to be behind,

to precede, to follow,

to check, to stop,

to arrange, to list,

to be the bench, the counter,

Its task is it to divide, to cohere,

to outline,

to say heh hoh.

Its task is to be

the out and over,

the on-, the off,

the stop, the go

the bearer, the sender,

the set, the holder,

the vehicle of senses.

One is shelter for emitting light,

the other is anchor for attracting light

and as each performs, so is their image

thatÕs how they appear.

heh, hoh,

ah, oh!