Movement 4o

This is the move

dividing movement five in waving parts,

creating a slower tempo and a clearer flow.

Time that self multiplies,

Space that self divides.

The heh, the hoh take smaller paces

around the hole into which the signals drop.

Impression follows expression later on.

Thus they divide their energy

standing on the circumference

as prescribed by movement 5.

First to vanish is expression

and impression will pop up

opening the window.

Next to vanish is impression

and expression surfaces

opening the door .

Area exposed,

that dominates and impression makes

where the signals of the senses

from light and darkness

the ah the oh, the ex the im

from all sides can meet.

Framework ready, an activated

pattern of movement

where all that advances

must flow through

heh hoh ah oh!

The third movement

signals from all over

meet with each other,

The second

(and the last where color creates the moves)

where the object

is exposed when it turns

sharp and in detail.

The first

(the movement of diagonals)

which keeps and embraces

all that moved before

still must be named and recited.

A next time, where and when I do not know

I shall express it and explain.

Then you too will know if the movement caught

that enticing signal where it was headed for

or if it is still elusive.

Follow me with dedication, there is more to come.