Inside the airplane o

There are three sections in the plane I'm flying:

First there is the smoking section

Inside the atmosphere is thick

outside the air supports us.

It is in this rear section

that sentences are formed from words

and from sentences strung together

stories are created.

Next is the middle section, where

squished together we sit

as body parts compacted

within a body

moulded in our seats, belts fastened.

From the third section the plane

is propelled and directed.

Even in a turn the plane goes straight.

Never does it reverse, advance it must

Entrance to this cabin is strictly forbidden

but when the door is open I do peek in.

The flight attendant, with wings pinned on her lapel

is the coordinator of the sections.

She makes her rounds in a straight line

Though she walks to the rear to serve

she nevertheless gets carried forward in a larger loop.

Poured in her uniform jacket suit, poured into the corridor

like the cart that she pushes and shoves.

It is she who starts the circulation,

who distributes, presents, collects and gathers

she sets the example

she is my eyes and ears

through her the flight can continue

through her the middle

is welded to the head and tail.

Sometimes in the rear she rests

and peers down the aisle

and her look will stop at the back

of the person (blindly) following the path he must follow.

Only at the journey's end

when there is no more distance

to be covered

and the time line

has been unfolded,

will she walk forward

will he turn around

and walk toward her.

Then, only then

will they embrace.